The Proposed Development

The Proposed Development

  • Provision of a new neighbourhood foodstore with 1,424m2 sales area (2,462m2 gross internal floor area);
  • 127 free parking bays of which 6 will be Disabled spaces and 7 Parent & Child spaces;
  • A modern high quality building incorporating a glazed shop, set within substantial landscape planting;
  • Only 2 to 3 deliveries a day, to a recessed loading bay on the side of the building;
  • Retailing a limited range of core products (1,800 lines) the store will complement existing local retailers as shoppers will still undertake top-up shopping at other shops within the town centre; and
  • Provision of up to 40 new jobs for local residents.

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Site Plan as Proposed

Site Layout

Lidl’s proposed development involves the construction of a new two-storey building that will provide 2,462sq m gross internal floorspace: 2,264sq m on the ground floor and 198sq m at first floor level, with a net sales area of 1,424sq m.  The proposed development will provide 127 car parking bays, including Disabled and Parent & Child spaces, that will wrap around the front of the store.

The building will be a state-of-the-art, glass front design that will maximise natural daylight and incorporate other sustainable design features.

Lidl Hayling Island CGI


The site is well placed to encourage access by sustainable modes of transport, being within walking distance of housing to the east and south as well as substantial self-catering holiday accommodation on the adjoining camping and caravan parks to the south west. Customer cycle parking will be provided to accommodate shoppers who may wish to visit the store by bicycle.

Vehicle access to the site will be taken off Manor Road, the main arterial route that runs through Hayling Island, and the proposed store’s central location will allow easy access by residents across the island.

Lidl CyclesThe 30/31 bus service runs from the south of Hayling Island, past the site and onto Langstone to the north. This link is direct and regular and will allow for frequent connections for existing residents to the site. There are bus stops close to the site on both Manor Road and Church Road.

The store’s car parking spaces are arranged in a manner so that it will be safe and easy for customers to manoeuvre around the car park, with the disabled and parent and child parking located close to the store entrance.

Flood Risk

A substantial portion of the site is identified on the Environment Agency’s flood maps as being within flood risk zones 2 & 3, which is land potentially at risk of flooding.  To address this the finished floor level of the store will be built to a height above existing ground levels, to provide protection in the event of an extreme flood event.  The drainage system will also be designed to provide sufficient surface water attenuation so that the rate of storm water run-off will be restricted to close to the current greenfield rate, as required by the Environment Agency.  In granting planning permission the Council will require that they be satisfied that customers using the store will be safe in the event of serious flooding, and that the development will not increase the risk of flooding elsewhere.


The site is positioned close to a number of Special Protection Areas, Ramsar and other designated sites. However, these are all sufficiently far enough away that the proposed store will not have any significant impact on them.

The habitats on site comprise semi-improved grazed grassland that is of low ecological value. There is a species-rich hedgerow along the northern boundary and this will largely be retained as part of the development, as will a number of mature trees. Some trees bordering the site have low to moderate potential for bat roosts and the boundary features also provide foraging opportunities for bats. Initial surveys have not confirmed the presence of any bats on the site, however it is proposed that the landscaping scheme will where possible retain the existing boundary vegetation.

A preliminary survey has been undertaken for other protected species, including badgers and great crested newts, and none have been found to be present.  It is expected that the Council will include a condition on the planning permission requiring evidence to be submitted to conclusively show there will be no significant impact on bio-diversity.

The Local Plan identifies the site as being potentially important for Brent Geese and/or waders.  However, the ecological assessment commissioned by Lidl has concluded that the site is not suitable for supporting Brent Geese or wader species because the grazed grassland provides very little vegetation for the birds to feed on and the surrounding woodlands inhibit easy flight paths.